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Our Cloud platform is used by over 1000 users. This is backed up by an automatic generator and 99.8% financially backed SLA.

In our datacentre we have a full replication of all servers with a real time data sync backup. Cloud services provide a secure and resilient solution for your core IT infrastructure, where we will maintain your server and manage upgrades, patches and fixes giving you the ability to focus on core business operations and reassuring you that your business platform is a secure and stable environment, which is fully backed up and available 24x7.

Our cloud platform is 100% owned and supported by Compuserve with our UK based staff. Our core system incorporates Email, CRM, Files and a Virtual Desktop.  As long as there is a suitable internet connection all these services are accessible from any device in any location, enabling you to run your business with a PC, Laptop, tablet or smart phone.