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Online Back up

How We Help

Backups are the most important IT function in your business. From 1 to 100 users, backups are no different, only the data size will change. It is most important to capture system files, programs and data to return your PC or Server to its original state.

Your data is what changes on a daily basis and the best location to keep it safe is on your external hard drive and in our cloud.

Business Continuity — the new ‘Disaster Recovery’ has become more popular over the last few years as more than 65% of small businesses never recover in the event of a disaster. If your business relies heavily on an IT infrastructure, then this service would dramatically aid your continuing production in the event of system failure, fire or theft.

What is Covered:

Virtualisation - Configuration of data

Emails - Optional monthly export.

SQL data and files - 6 months self restore.